Lesson or Lover

I think the key to happy relationships is to not look at every partner as a potential lifelong companion, but as a lesson.

Let me explain.

If you go into every relationship thinking that they are your potential husband or wife, you are going to constantly be looking out for signs that prove or dismiss your theory.

If you go into a relationship saying, “what is this person going to teach me or contribute to my life?” you’re more likely to let your characters grow as individuals and potentially as partners.

The former almost always leads to disappointment because you go in expecting this super awesome love story to play out and it almost never happens that way.

If you allow yourself to visualize your partner as more of a “travel buddy” through life, the experience will be much more fulfilling.

Because then you will look at them from the beginning and say, “We might not work out, but we can still offer each other something that we can keep forever.”

And if it works out, then yay!

I think that’s so much more beautiful.


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