Used and abused, but still gold.

Sexual abuse.

People think it happens, and then it just goes away little by little. It doesn’t. It kind of just lingers on your mind and skin. No matter how many people you try to make love to in order to replace those memories or how many times you bathe to wash them away, they stay. Some are stronger than others and find ways to rid themselves of the disgusting reality and use it as a motive to push themselves to be their own hero. For others, they fail. They let the circumstances define their purity and value. They wait for the day someone wipes off the dust and salvages what is left.

Physical abuse.

People think the bruises and cuts heal and then you move on. You don’t. Some will flinch at every waving hand until the day they die. Others put on a bandaid and learn to become their own weapon.

Either or will leave their permanent marks on you. But take someone who has endured both and you have a troubled soul.

This is the hand they were dealt and they’re just here for the ride.

Show them that they’re not. Show them that they’re still worthy of genuine love. Show them that just because a man ruined them it doesn’t mean they need to wait for another one to put them back together.

Pain and struggle creates wisdom. What a lovely thing it would be to live life untouched and unmolested, but that would lead to ignorance. And while ignorance is blissful, it not truth.

Seek truth and let wisdom lead the way.

Gold is still gold even if it’s been thrown against a wall, hit, dropped or left in the dirt.

You’ve been used, you’ve been abused, but you’re still you.

You are still gold.



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